Issued with a VAT penalty or assessment

Most VAT Penalty Notices are wrong!

You must get professional help if you are facing a Penalty

Have you been issued with a VAT Assessment or Penalty notice?

In 2011 at least 25,633 VAT decisions were overturned. The majority of all penalties and decisions issued by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to taxpayers in relation to VAT matters are subsequently found to be incorrect and are overturned on internal review.

HMRC’s own figures show that in 2011, they completed over 39,000 reviews of VAT decisions imposed on businesses in relation to tax disputes and late filing/payment of tax, of which more than 25,000 were subsequently ruled incorrect. In the first year of the new review process, only 16,460 VAT decisions were reviewed at the request of taxpayers so the number of reviews more than doubled last year.

Don’t Assume your Penalty or Assessment is correct!

Taxpayers often assume that HMRC’s decisions are correct and therefore do not challenge them. Given the figures shown above, it seems likely that many thousands more taxpayers could make successful challenges to VAT Penalty Notices.

Many people believe that given the current state of the country’s finances, HMRC is putting its staff under pressure to issue as many fines as possible. It is possible that even these high figures do not reflect the true position. As the review team is part of HMRC itself they may only be overturning decisions, which are so obviously incorrect that they would stand no chance of defending them. A large number of the decisions, which are upheld, could only have a small justification for being supported.

The lesson to be drawn from this is clear. Don’t just accept what HMRC are saying to you. For you to challenge HMRC on your own may seem daunting. So hand your problem over to the professionals who have successfully handled similar situations countless times before. Contact us immediately if you have received either an assessment or VAT Penalty Notice on 08458 502360.

Expert VAT support, complete peace of mind

If you have received an HMRC Assessment or VAT Penalty Notice, there are a number of ways we can help you. However, the most important step is to contact us immediately. The more time we have to review the current situation, the better it will be.

We offer a short initial discussion, free of charge, so we can understand your position and you can decide whether you would like to work with us.

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